Most of us have become so familiar with the postman delivering marketing letters from the big ISPs that we now bin them without a second thought. One problem with this is that sometimes those letters carry important information, such when Virgin Media intend to dig up your pavement.At present Virgin Media are conducting a huge 3bn network expansion (Project Lightning) to reach an additional 4 million properties by 2019, which means that around 60-65% of homes and businesses across the United Kingdom should soon be able to take their 300Mbps capable broadband and TV services.As part of that the operator typically writes letters to local residents in order to inform them of their plans for the area and what work will need to be done, such as digging up local roads and pavements. At this point anybody with a concern can raise the issue, but a few people are being caught out because they overlook the letters (i.e. assuming them to be the same old junk as usual).For example, some residents of Balloch and Craigmarloch in Scotland have recently been complaining after they returned home to find a lot of disruption around their property and a poor quality of remedial work (here).Barry McCulloch, Cumbernauld North Councillor, said: