The number of pay-DTT subscriptions in Hungary appears to have levelled off, while the take-up of cable and IPTV services is rising.Data produced by the regulator NMHH, based of figures obtained from the leading providers of pay-TV services in the country, shows that as of the end of February the number of homes receiving the MinDigi TV pay-DTT offer stood at 100,853.By way of comparison, it was only slightly higher (101,914) in the same period last year.Meanwhile, the number of cable and IPTV subscribers stood at 2,317,581 (2,229,368 in February 2016), of who 1,488,328 (1,333,573) opted for digital services.The take-up of DTH services fell from 895,578 to 860,602 over the same period.There was also little change in terms of market share in the pay-TV market in the year to February 2017.UPC remained in top spot with 27% (26.9%), followed by Telekom with 25.9% (25.4%) and Digi with 25.4% (24.7%).Invitel, the next largest player, claimed 4.8% (4.6%).