DVB and the SAT>IP Alliance have entered into a formal liaison agreement on the future development of the SAT>IP specification.The agreement also states that future promotion of the technology will be conducted jointly. This development will allow the overall DVB community to contribute to next generation SAT>IP features and services.SAT>IP technology can be used to deliver live DVB broadcasts onto IP networks in a cost efficient manner. The technology is supported by numerous manufacturers and has been widely deployed in several markets. The SAT>IP protocol is standardised as CENELEC EN50585, and is the predominant solution for indoor distribution of broadcast services over domestic IP networks in Europe. It informs a hand-held device about available services and allows the user to request a specific service from the broadcast receiver. Any IP device (smartphone, tablet, PC, game console, etc.) with the SAT>IP software installed can become a broadcast TV viewing client.Despite its name, SAT>IP technology also supports all other broadcast delivery mechanisms such as cable, terrestrial and managed IPTV transmissions. It can retransmit from DVB-S2, DVB-C2 and DVB-T2 to IP, in other words: DVB over IP.As DVB takes over the management of the SAT>IP protocol, it is quite possible that the naming and scope of the technology will expand to better reflect support for all broadcast delivery systems.