Armoza reveals MIPCOM slate Details Editor | 03 October 2019 ITV Studios-owned content company Armoza Formats has revealed the global formats across a range of genres that are set to provide the company’s roster for the forthcoming MIPCOM. At the head of the slate is Queens of Love (60’), an entertainment show where three drag queens come to the rescue of one hopeless single who has been looking for love in all the wrong places. Using their insights from both their and her worlds, the mentors will pick her up for a night of fun and romance and together they will audition four potential suitors. The queens will cut through the nonsense of a first date and help her on her way to finding love, digging deep with their tough questions and making sure that all secrets are revealed. At the end of the night, the queens will decide which man is the best fit, helping her break her bad dating streak once-and-for-all. Single Parents Cruising (11x60’) is the new hit dating-reality format produced by Canada’s Zone 3 and aired on Canal Vie. Already commissioned for a second season, the series follows one single mom and one single dad as they set sail on a ten-day cruise for the chance to find love. Once on board, ten other single parent suitors will compete to sweep them off their feet. The contenders must overcome a range of challenges to gain alone time with each single parent. Each parent is joined by their children and the suitors must win them over too as they try to find true love and create a united family. Song of My Life (10x60’) is the studio entertainment format from Finland’s YLE and Yellow Film & TV in which viewers can discover the music that has changed the lives of their favourite celebrities. Four famous contestants will bring their one unforgettable song to the competition. The catch – no one knows whose song is whose. After each song has been performed live, the celebrities must try to uncover which of them is connected to it. I’ve Got Issues (30’) is a factual entertainment format from Nawi-Pro Creative in which a well-known comedian who “suffers” from a range of issues embarks on a comedic journey of self-discovery with which we can all identify. Each episode features the comedian addressing a different light-hearted issue using a support group to help them through it – from shopaholics and hypochondriacs to social media and sports addicts. From Armoza’s scripted offering comes Call Me If You Die (8x60’), a thriller from Canada’s TVA and Zone 3. After an extended police mission in Thailand, Jean-François is forced back to Montreal, leaving behind the life he has built there in order to return to the city he’s been avoiding for 30 years. Back in his hometown, he is made a lieutenant on a major operation to bring down the Italian Mafia – forcing him to confront Mario, his lifelong best friend and a high-ranking mafioso. Torn between their jobs and their friendship, JF and Mario enter a dangerous game of double-dealing, hiding their connection from their colleagues and accomplices. Commenting on the slate, Armoza Formats COO Amos Neumann said: “In our often-isolated world of technology, it has become increasingly important to give people the opportunities and the tools to personally connect with others around them. Every show in our MIPCOM slate is set to entertain viewers while revolving around the power of these connections – whether by sharing cherished memories in Song of my Life, relating with and finding comfort from those who share similar life troubles in I’ve Got Issues or through getting the help of the best dating mentors in order to find love in Queens of Love.”