Looper rounds A+E long-term VOD optimisation deal DetailsEditor | 04 October 2019 Film and television software-as-a-service (SaaS) VOD optimisation firm Looper Insights has entered into an annual deal with A+E Networks to provide TVOD/EST management and optimisation services.Under the deal, the content firm will use Looper’s tools to track, manage and optimise the sale of its TVOD titles across the US market’s transactional stores, including Apple iTunes, Amazon, Google, Xbox and Vudu. In addition, Looper is working with A+E to automate its workflows across storefronts and analyse its sales drivers, enabling the US media giant to optimise its pricing, availability, artwork and merchandising.“Now that we’re using the Looper Insights platform, my time has been freed up to focus on the areas that deliver the biggest benefits to our company, rather than fixing problems with our storefront activities,” explained Michael Rycyzyn, A+E Networks senior manager of TVOD/EST digital content, licensing and distribution. “In the short period of time that we’ve been working with [Looper] we’ve already seen a drop in the priority issues that needed to be resolved. These results have given me more time to invest in the effective management of our EST business.”“Looper Insights was founded precisely to help media power players like A+E get the most out of their libraries by providing them with smarter tools to track transactions, analyse data and make better marketing decisions based observable sales trends,” added Looper co-founder and CEO Lucas Bertrand.