Trade Desk teams with Inscape for cross-device ad planning DetailsEditor | 09 October 2019 Aiming to enable omni-channel campaign planning and help marketers streamline their TV and digital media strategies with smart TV viewing data, The Trade Desk has partnered with Inscape to integrate the latter’s data insights directly into its Planner cross-device advertising tool.The addition of Inscape’s smart TV viewing data is designed to provide marketers operating digital and connected TV campaigns with new insights to help maximise campaign reach and ROI through integrated planning, buying and measurement across all screens and devices, at scale.The integrated solution incorporates Inscape’s viewing data from more than 12 million active and opted-in smart TV devices on The Trade Desk’s platform to allow advertisers to plan digital spend incrementally on top of linear media budgets. The companies say that adding such smart TV viewing data to The Trade Desk’s AI-driven Planner tool also helps marketers more easily forecast cross-device reach and frequency across campaigns that span both digital and TV.Inscape’s viewing data is designed to deliver understanding of ad exposure rates, emphasising specific targeting with audience insights, instead of demographics, to use across digital channels. Advertisers also have the ability to build plans modelled by how often an ad is served to consumers, which is said to optimise relevance and frequency for millions of US households.“Integrating Inscape’s near real-time TV viewing data into Planner helps our clients plan and activate their omni-channel campaigns with smart, data-driven insights,” explained Nate Gawel, general manager of data partnerships at The Trade Desk. “This partnership helps us identify opportunities for incremental reach, frequency and GRPs to improve the impact of both linear and digital TV ad buys.”“Brands desire to reach consumers with relevant and timely messaging. To do so, they need to understand what ads are being consumed across a wide variety of publisher inventory and devices in order to better plan and optimise their ad campaigns,” added Greg Hampton, vice president of business development at Inscape. “The Trade Desk understands that TV viewing data from Inscape has the granularity, precision and scale necessary to help advertisers deliver sophisticated, omni-channel advertising campaigns across every device, marketing channel, and ad format.”