Dutch viewers willing to spend 20 on streaming servicesDecember 1, 2019 16.32 Europe/London By Robert Briel Dutch viewers say that they are willing to buy one to three video streaming services, according to a survey carried out by news website nu.nl.People are prepared to spend up to 20 euros per month on such subscriptions.Many streaming subscriptions cost between 7 and 11, 31& is prepared to spend up to 10 and another 31% between 10 and 20. Another 7% wants to spend 20 to 30.At the same time, only 21% of all respondents say they are considering a second streaming service. The most cited reason is the offer: 64% said they already have access to enough series, films and other content.The fact that consumers are open to about three subscriptions to streaming services is also evident from the distribution of existing users. Most Dutch people subscribe to Netflix (about 55%). 19% have a subscription to Videoland and 10% are subscribed to Disney+. After that, the percentages decrease considerably. With a share of 1%, Hulu is the bottom of the list.Only 9% of people without a Disney+ subscription are planning to subscribe to the new service. So far, Dutch consumers seem satisfied with the spread of the offer, only 6% say they want to illegally download series again, because the content is spread over too many services.Nu.nl said one thousand people of eighteen years and older were surveyed for the study.