Fifty-four per cent of all Swedish households now subscribe to at least one steaming service, leading local consultancy Mediavision to suggest the market could be reaching saturation.However, as the market continues to evolve, the number of subscriptions per household, known as stacking, is increasing steadily.In 2019, the Netflix customer based remained stable at 1.6 million, with the arrival of Apple TV+ adding little to the numbers.“The streaming market in Sweden has, after several years of strong growth, slowed down significantly during 2019. For the actors, global as well as local, this means increased competition. If household penetration doesn’t pick up, the players must rely on stacking in order to grow. But since we know that the starting field this year is strong, it is still too early to make any prediction about the outcome of 2020 says Marie Nilsson, CEO of Mediavision.New players are poised to enter the Swedish market; Tele2 recently launched Com Hem Play+ and this summer Disney+ is expected to reach the Nordics. By offering titles such as Avengers, Mandalorian and Star Wars, at a lower monthly cost than most of its competitors, Disney+ may contribute to a new push in household penetration.Mediavision says this could push the market into a new wave of growth.