A1 Telekom Austria gained pay-TV customers in Q4 2019 in all but one of the Central and Eastern European markets in which it provides services.The latest results published by the company show that the biggest growth was in Slovenia, where the 69,000 total was 14.6% higher than a year earlier.Meanwhile, in Bulgaria the pay-TV subscriber total as of the end of 2019 stood at 530,500, up 4.5% on a year earlier, and in Croatia at 235,100, or 2.5% moreIn North Macedonia there was a 2.6% increase, with the company’s subsidiary posted 132,200 pay-TV subscribers at year’s end. The one exception was Belarus, where the number of customers fell by 5.3% to 386,300. In A1’s home market Austria the company noted a 3.5% annual growth in pay-TV customers, with the total standing at 323,900 as of the end of 2019.A1 Telekom Austria had total revenues of €1,200.4 million (+4.1% y-o-y) and EBITDA of €355.5 million (+6.4% y-o-y) in Q4 2019. Its net result was €35.3 million (-17%), though for the year as a whole its profit was 34.4% higher at €327.4 million. Furthermore, full-year EBITDA grew in all segments for the first time in 15 years.